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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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that is "all in for this evening." "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. would you pay $9.95 to listen to donald trump? i'm not sure that's at the top of must have list. thank you at home for joining us this hour. a lot is going on. we've got a big and important guest on the show tonight you should know about. joining us this hour for the interview is kind of the man the hour in american politics right now, connecticut senator chris murphy is going to be here live tonight as our guest. i'm very happy to say, senator murphy of course held one of the longest filibusters in senate history last night. he health the floor on the senate for 15 hours without sitting down. without leaving the floor. without so much as a bathroom break. and senators filibuster, senators do stuff like this from time to time, senator sanders did a version of this in 2010, protesting the bush tax cuts. senator rand paul did this to protest the patriot act. ted cruz did something like this
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to demand the shutdown of the government, basically. but when chris murphy held the floor in the senate last night for 15 hours, he not only held the floor for that truly remarkable length of time, he also did something that is basically unheard of in the modern history of filibusters and even long speeches in the united states senate. which is that at the end of his 15 hours, last night at 2:00 in the morning, senator chris murphy of connecticut, he won. by virtue of that filibuster, he actually got what he was asking for. i mean, overall, he was there to protest gun violence in this country r. test. in the specific what he was asking for were senate votes on two things. senate vote on blocking people on the terrorist watch list from being able to buy guns. a senate vote on closing that loophole for background chen checks.
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that that loophole that says you can avoid a background check if you buy a gun online or at a gun show. that's what he was asking for in speck, votes on those two things in the united states senate. thanks to his 15 hours on the floor he actually got it. they scheduled those votes are. republican and democratic leaders while he was on the floor were able to come to agreement there will be votes on those two measures and probably two others that are going to be put forward by republicans. it looks like those votes will happen as soon as monday. so he did it. he actually got something done with that surprise brave stand. and senator chris murphy is therefore the man of the hour in u.s. politics. he did something almost nobody ever does. and even when other people do it
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they never win but he just won. just remarkable. i have no idea how much he has slept since his achievement last night but we'll find out soon because he's going to be here tonight for the interview in just a couple of minutes. in orlando, florida, today president obama and vice president joe biden traveled to orlando. they met privately with survivors of the nightclub attack in orlando that claimed 49 lives and injured more than 50 other people. this was, of course, the worst mass shooting in american history. and the scale of the death toll from this attack is just almost logistically impossible to imagine on top of everything else horrible about it. the county medical examiner's office has now announced that they have completed their autopsies on all 49 of the victims. all 49 of the bodies that were brought into their county morgue. all of those bodies have now been autopsied, they've all been now turned around and delivered out to local funeral homes.
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now the county and the city of orlando, they're looking to find burial plots for that many people. funeral homes say they are having a hard time finding venues for what they expect to be a lot of large-scale, crowded funeral services. when you have 49 people dead all at once who all need to be prayed over, who all need to be mourned, who all need to be buried all at once, honestly, the big churches in town fill up. they can't handle the demand for that many funerals. they're not sure where they're going to be able to hold all of these memorial services and funeral services. the first two funerals for the 49 victims were held today. but there will be more than 40 more in days ahead. and of course the other physical body that they have to concern themselves with is the body of the killer who also died that night in a shoot-out with the orlando pd s.w.a.t. team. the medical examiner made this remarkable statement today about his body, because of course the same medical examiner is also
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responsible for his autopsy and for the handling of his remains. the chief medical examiner for orange county, florida, announced if a formal statement today that the body of the killer was kept physically apart from the bodies of the 49 people who he killed. even though the same morgue had to process all of them and the same medical examiners had to do the examinations and the autopsies and process all those remains, they took care to conduct the killer's autopsy in a totally separate building so his body would not be near his victims' bodies. "this is not a law or requirement but was rather done out of respect for the victims and their families so that the shooter may never be near these 49 beautiful souls again." so orlando's just coping with what will be a huge wave of grief and upset and emotion that will be different than even what they've gone through in these last few days in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. they've just started going through the first of what will be 49 different funerals for all these people who died. and that kind of scale of tragedy is just not something
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and that kind of scale of tragedy is just not something we're used to seeing all in one place all at once in this country. in terms of the political response and the policy response and whether our country will do anything substantive in the wake of this attack to try to stop the next thing like this, honestly, that part of it is very, very hard to predict right now. and i mean that not hyperbolcally. i think things are hard to predict right now. i don't know what's going to happen next. nobody knew until it started that senator chris murphy would hold his 15-hour filibust over the floor of the senate yesterday, that was a surprise. even once he started i don't think anybody predicted it would go on for 15 hours, and zero people predicted it would work, that he would actually get the votes he was demanding. so i can't tell you exactly what's going to happen. but the senate, because of chris murphy, is going to go on record again on monday, apparently,
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whether or not they want people on the terrorist watch list to be able to buy guns, whether anyone should be able to buy a gun without any sort of background check, no questions asked, as long as they do it at a gun show. both those measures have been voted on in the u.s. senate before, both of them have failed with almost every republican senator voting against them. but right now, in the wake of orlando, i can't tell you exactly how it's going to go this time. i don't think anybody can tell you what the chain of events is going to be. in washington or around the country. in the wake of orlando, i have to say, i sort of know what democrats want if not what they're going to do. i don't know what republican elected officials doctoring to do or what they want. republican electeds right now seem a little disorganized, a little confused, maybe a little rattled about what they believe and what they plan to do on the subject of guns in particular after orlando.
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and i think part of it is the polling. we saw it in swing state polling out of virginia last night with these policy changes that they're going to vote on on monday about the terrorist watch list and background checks. these are the kinds of policy changes that are among the least controversial and most popular policies of any kind that you could suggest to the american public. well over 80% of even republican voters like both of these ideas. and so that alone rattles republicans in congress, republican in the senate, every time democrats force them to vote on things like this. and republican orthodoxy tells them they've got to vote no when almost every republican voter in the country would tell them they better vote yes. to add further to the disorganization and i think the unpredictability on the right right now, interestingly and surprisingly, a couple of the conservative tv hosts over at the fox news channel have also in the last couple of days voiced concern, since orlando, about the ease with which civilians can buy military-grade firepower in this country. i don't want to overstate this it's not like the fox news
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channel has veered left radically on this issue. but when their most highly rated primetime cable host, mr. bill o'reilly on your right, and other on-air talent, when they start voicing concerns about the availability of assault rifles on fox news, that has got to be a little unsettling to republican elected officials, right? they know they're against public opinion on this subject but they count on republican tv, they count on fox news channel to tell them what to think what to say about it, how to vote on this issue, assuming conservative media will have their back. if fox news gets a little wobbly on this issue, that's going to put republican elected officials under even more strain. and frankly, with all of those things going on, i think the strain is starting to show. this was john mccain speaking with reporters today about specifically the orlando shooting and who bears responsibility for it. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it.
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>> john mccain told reporters today that president obama is directly responsible for the shooting in orlando. and reporters reacted somewhat incredulously. reporters asked him immediately if he was sure about that, did he mean to say the president was directly responsible for it? this was mr. mccain's response. >> how do you say he's directly responsible? >> directly responsible, because he pulled everybody out of iraq, and i predicted at the time that isis would go unchecked and there would be attacks on the united states of america. it's a matter of record. so he is directly responsible. >> for the shooting in orlando? >> that's what -- >> he's directly responsible for the shooting in orlando? senator john mccain, he's up for re-election in arizona right now, he tried to make the case to reporters today that president obama is responsible for isis and therefore you can track orlando. but on the way toward making that point, he accidentally i think said that barack obama is basically the one who did the
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orlando shooting. he reiterated it several times as reporters became increasingly incredulous that that's really what he meant, he insisted, yes, that's really what he meant, directly responsible, the president is directly responsible. later on this afternoon senator mccain's office had to put on it a written statement saying the senator "misspoke" on the subject, he didn't mean to say the president is directly responsible. oh. so i think the strain is showing. a little bit on republican leaked officials in terms of what they're going to propose in response to orlando and whether they're going to be able to retain their traditional republican stance that nothing should happen in this country in response to any mass shooting, let alone a terrorist mass shooting. the republican elected official's dilemma is exacerbated i think this time around because after this particular mass shooting they've got a republican presidential candidate who theoretically they should all be following as their
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port's lead over this issue, he should be their party's leader on every issue, he's the standard-bearer of their party, he's the head of the republican party. if when the country needs leadership, republicans should be following him. but republicans don't quite know what to make of him on this issue. especially after mr. trump said he would meet with the nra to talk with them about keeping people on the terrorist watch lists from being able to buy guns. the nra has endorsed donald trump for president. donald trump in turn maybe wants to push the nra on the terrorist watch list thing? possibly? don't know? but the idea that there's going to be some sort of trump/nra meeting on that, let alone a vote on that policy on monday, amid these off the charts poll numbers in favor of blocking people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, all of those things together, all of those things put republican elected officials in a very
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uncertain position right now. and that it's happening to them on guns right now. but honestly, it is likely to happen to them on other issues of republican orthodoxy as well as long as donald trump is their nominee. today marks one year since donald trump started his presidential campaign. hillary clinton's campaign marked that anniversary today with a sort of roundup of all of the trump greatest hits from the past year since he announced. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. maybe syria should be a free zone for isis. he's not a war hero. i'll use the word anchor baby. you're going to have a deportation force. a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. knock the crap out of them, would you? i'm speaking with myself, number one, because i have a very good brain. we need some global warming. it's freezing. we're building a wall. he's a mexican.
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>> clinton campaign putting out a video that cut together all of those and some other donald trump greatest hits from the past year since he has been running for president. their final slate on that video reads like this. 12 months of donald trump is enough. we can't afford four years. as he gets to the one-year anniversary of his campaign, i think arguably donald trump has just in the last 24 hours added another one to that list of sort of greatest hits things he said in his first year. last night on the eve of his one-year anniversary, declaring for president, he told an atlanta rally he would welcome the leader of north korea, kim jong-un, to come visit the united states. >> one of the papers called the other day and they said, would you speak to the leader of north korea? i said, absolutely. why not? why not? they come out, trump would speak to him!
9:15 pm
who the hell cares? i'll speak to anybody. who knows? i wouldn't go there. that i can tell you. if he came here, i'd accept him. but i wouldn't give him a state dinner like we do for china -- >> so that's the hardline with north korea. the leader of north korea, the dictator, the leader of north korea welcome to visit the united states to come meet with president trump. welcome to the united states. but no state dinner! to be clear, the mayor of london will be banned from visiting the united states. under a donald trump presidency. because he's a muslim. but the leader of north korea can come any time he wants. not a muslim. not a mexican. so no problem, right? but there are some problems for donald trump tonight with and from his fellow republicans. including a very famous one of his fellow republicans from beyond the grave who apparently has a very big problem with donald trump and that's story's
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. there are new reports corporate america is having trouble stomaching donald trump as the republican party's presidential candidate. bloomberg news got commit manies from wells fargo, u.p.s., motorola, jpmorgan, ford, and walgreens that none of those companies will sponsor this year's republican convention. there was new reporting from the republican national committee just as an organization is haing a little trouble with their relationship with the trump campaign and mr. trump himself. although the rnc is supposed to be doing much of the nuts and bolts organizing work, much of the day-to-day stuff that campaigns usually do to try to get their candidate elected,
9:19 pm
even though that stuff is supposedly getting delegated to the rnc as an organization for this year's election, donald trump apparently can't be persuaded to do even the basic stuff a candidate needs to do on a day-to-day basis in order to run the fundamentals of a campaign. quoting from, trump promised chairman reince priebus he would call two dozen republican top donors. but when the rnc chief of staff recently presented trump with that list of more than 20 republican donors to call, mr. trump called only three of them before stopping. that's according to two sources familiar with the situation. "it's unclear whether he resume the donor calls later." he was supposed to call 24 donors, he pooped out after three. i wouldn't ever want to call donors for anything. but if you're running for something, that's a lot of what you do.
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at this time in the 2012 presidential campaign, mitt romney said he was raising something on the order of $1 million per day. donald trump apparently calls three people and then says, nah, i'm done, screw it, let's go do a rally. donald trump is in texas of all places tonight doing a rally. following a dallas fund-raiser. he's doing a rally, this started about 8:00 p.m. eastern. a pretty good turnout body in terms of supporters and in terms of protesters outside. if you think about the geography here, you wouldn't necessarily expect a republican candidate for president to waste time doing a rally in a place like texas, right? texas is not a swing state. democrats desperately want texas to be a swing state but texas in all likelihood is going to be a red state no matter what happens between now and november. but donald trump is there doing a rally tonight.
9:21 pm
and this is all part of his unorthodox and apparently quite strained schedule that he's maintaining both as a fund-raiser and a campaigner. he's doing this red state texas event because he wanted to do a rally in the place where he went to go raise money, then the next event he's also doing is also going to be in another red state in arizona, on saturday in arizona he is due to hold a fund-raiser a the former home of 1964 republican presidential candidate barry goldwater. donald trump is actually going to be doing a fund-raiser at the house in arizona where barry goldwater announced his presidential bid in 1964. so it's interestingly, right? symbolic resonance. symbolic resonance for mr. trump's next big event. it's interesting resonance because barry goldwater lost the presidential race really bad. he lost 44 states in the 1964 presidential election. and there's also the issue that barry goldwater's family says they're voting for hillary clinton this year. and they say barry goldwater would have too. goldwater's former home is apparently owned now by republican activists who have nothing to do with the goldwater barry goldwater's family says they're voting for hillary clinton this year. and they say barry goldwater
9:22 pm
would have too. goldwater's former home is apparently owned now by republican activists who have nothing to do with the goldwater family and they have i guess chosen to leverage barry goldwater's image for mr. trump's benefit this weekend. but gary goldwater's widow is still around. and has views and knew her husband better than anybody. she'sn very outspoken and clear that donald trump has no business wrapping himself up in barry goldwater's legacy. she told nbc news, "barry would just go absolutely crazy if he were watching this today. he would be yelling at the television. he would think it is embarrassing this situation we have with donald trump." barry goldwater's widow susan told nbc if her late husband would still alive, she believes he would not vote for donald trump, in fact, she believed that he would not vote for any of the republican candidates who ran for president this year. for her part, she says, she plans to vote for hillary clinton this year.
9:23 pm
and a lot of her friends from the goldwater era are too. barry goldwater's son, barry goldwater jr., he also told nbc news recently, "i don't think there is any comparison at all with my father." "donald trump is an authoritarian, barry goldwater had principles, and he was a gentleman. donald trump is a cowboy." and he does not mean cowboy in a good way. no offense to cowboys. i think he meant offense to cowboys but i don't mean offense to cowboys. i love cowboys. donald trump will appear to try to take on the mantle of barry goldwater when he appears at goldwater's former home for a fund-raiser saturday. if they don't cancel it because the location has been publicized so protesters will be able to find it. we're dealing with a lot of very serious stuff in our country right now. serious policy challenges. serious challenges around the world. the domestic tragedies we are living through in this country are serious and they are sobering. all of that's very real and very
9:24 pm
present but our national politics alongside it continue to be absolutely nuts. connecticut senator chris murphy is our guest for the interview, stay with us.
9:25 pm
tonight, vermont senator bernie sanders has just wrapped up a much-anticipated speech to his supporters. he did not concede the democratic race but he did make a big ask of his supporters. he asked them all to do something. what he said, what he asked of his supporters, what it means for the democratic party, that's next.
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the major political task that together we face in the next five months is to make certain that donald trump is defeated and defeated badly. and i personally intend to begin my role in that process in a very short period of time. >> if you happen to go to the bernie sanders campaign website today, you might have noticed it looks different than it usually does. the stuff about campaign issues and how to volunteer and where
9:30 pm
to catch one of bernie sanders' events, presumably that stuff is still there under the hood somewhere. but today you could not access any of that from the front page at the bernie sanders website. instead you just got the one big banner. the political revolution continues. and that's it. the only other instruction there, the only other thing to click on, stay tuned to see what's next for our movement. turns out the thing to stay tuned for was this livestream broadcast from senator sanders where he asked his supporters, interestingly, to consider running for office themselves. at the state and local level. he also did not formally end his byrd for the democratic nomination, nor did he endorse hillary clinton. but notably he also didn't have anything particularly nice to say about her either. >> i recently had the opportunity to meet with secretary clinton and discuss some of the very important issues facing our country and the democratic party. it is no secret that secretary clinton and i have strong disagreements on some very, very important issues. it is also true that our views are quite close on others.
9:31 pm
i look forward in the coming weeks to continued discussion between the two campaigns. >> if you're looking for an endorsement, that's not it. also the time frame there, in the coming weeks. but senator sanders urged his supporters tonight that they should run for office. and this statement tonight, i think it will effectively end the appearance of his bid for the democratic nomination, even if formally he is still in the race. whether or not you want to read that into the statement, you have to read that into everything else going on in democratic politics. today the clinton campaign effectively took over the operation of the democratic party. they installed their own guy, a guy named brandon davis, former political director of the progressive union seiu, installed brandon davis as the new chief of staff for the general election at the dnc. in addition, senator clinton has picked up support from the
9:32 pm
largest labor federation in the country, afl-cio. they stayed neutral throughout the primary but now endorsed clinton. she's got the endorsement of, one of the biggest liberal groups in the country, a group that had previously endorsed bernie sanders. also the first member of congress to endorse senator sanders, raul grilalva, has thrown support to secretary clinton. things are lining up for secretary clinton in democratic politics. the question is does democratic politics include supporters of bernie sanders? are bernie sanders supporters on board, and what will the effort be to get them there? we've got direct evidence to answer that question next. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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9:36 pm
tonight in watch parties to watch this broadcast, including at bernie's coffee shop in los angeles. joining us live from bernie's is msnbc correspondent jacob soberoff. great to see you out there. what was the reaction tonight from bernie's supporters watching this broadcast? >> enthusiastic out here, given the circumstances. people were clapping, people were talking about delegates, talking about a path for him to still be the nominee. first let me tell you a little bit about where we are. this used to be johnny's coffee shop. iconic landmark in l.a., you might recognize it from "the big lebowski" and many movies. it's now bernie's coffee shop. i want to introduce you to bernie supporters, particularly before the june 7th primary. tonight it was a watch party.
9:37 pm
people gathered to watch bernie sanders' live stream. now milling about doing the postgame and the conversation bernie sanders has raised tonight. pamela and clancy, how are you? what'd you think of bernie sanders' speech tonight? are you happy, are you disappointed? >> we're really happy, it was awesome. >> he did not say he was going to stay in this as a presidential candidate, he talked about building an army, about people getting together, perhaps running for local office, congressional office, statewide office. has there been any discussion of that tonight? >> not necessarily because he also didn't say that he wouldn't stay in as a candidate. and what we know is that he is definitely taking this campaign
9:38 pm
to the convention. other that we also recognize that this is a full-fledged campaign that's supposed to be more about -- more than about one person. so that's why we're here. we're going to continue supporting him. but also continuing to support his policies. >> it's optimistic. what happens, clancy, if bernie sanders is not the democratic nominee? the numbers are against him, he didn't acknowledge it tonight in his remarks that that's something that he even is competing for at this point. what do you do? vote for hillary clinton or company something else entirely? >> hillary doesn't really represent what i am fighting for at this time. so i'd love to see maybe what she brings to the table later on but that isn't the case right now. >> for me i'm definitely undecided. i'm setting my eyes on the prize and that is seeing bernie as the candidate. the nominee. if that doesn't happen, i'll think about it when we get there. but right now i don't see hillary clinton representing me or my ideals. so we'll see what happens when that moment comes. >> thank you so much to both of you. rachel, let me quickly swing around this way to show you what's going on here. these bernie sanders rallies were huge, enormous. think over 1.5 million have come to his events. it's a decidedly smaller crowd here but a dedicated one. it's been interesting to see these people here listening so closely to what bernie sanders has to say because they truly do want to follow what their candidate is asking them to do. >> msnbc correspondent jacob soberoff at bernie's coffee shop in l.a., that was super interesting, thanks for being
9:39 pm
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real is touching a ray. amazing moving like one. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand othem. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing 14 hours and 50 seconds into one of the longest senate filibusters of all-time you might expect the man who had been leading that filibuster, a man who had not left the senate floor, who had not sat down for 15 hours straight, you might expect that he'd be a little incoherent by the end of it. you might expect he'd be a little bit out of it. instead, senator chris murphy of connecticut at that moment, at
9:42 pm
the very end, he gave some of the most moving and eloquent and coherent remarks i have ever heard on the senate floor on any subject. please watch this. just -- i'm not your cable news host, i'm just your friend rachel. take from it me, if you have something else to do right now, or do something first because you can't focus on it right now, hit pause, go ahead and do that other thing, then come back when you are ready. sit down and watch this when you can really watch it, when you can really focus on it. it is totally worth it. please just watch. >> i want to introduce you to dylan christopher jack hockley who in this picture is age 6. according to just about everybody who knew him, it was impossible not to fall in love with dylan hockley if you met him. dylan was struggling with autism as a student at sandy hook elementary school. but he was a special, special boy who is going to turn into a special, special young man.
9:43 pm
he idolized a woman named ann marie murphy. ann marie murphy was his special education teacher and his personal aide. and over the course of the beginning of his first grade year, they formed a bond, a deep, deep bond, that is often hard to form for kids with autism, like dylan. it meant something to him to have that relationship. and he loved going to school, in large part because he knew he had someone there who loved him back. when adam lanza walked into that classroom and aimed his military-style assault weapon with clips attached to it holding 30 bullets, ann marie murphy probably had a chance to run or so hide or to panic. and instead, ann marie murphy made the most courageous decision that any of us could imagine. instead of running, instead of hiding, instead of panicking, ann marie murphy found dylan
9:44 pm
and instead, ann marie murphy made the most courageous decision that any of us could imagine. instead of running, instead of hiding, instead of panicking, ann marie murphy found dylan hockley and embraced him. you know why we know that? because when the police entered the classroom, that's how they found dylan hockley. dead, wrapped in the embrace of ann marie murphy. it doesn't take courage to stand here on the floor of the united states senate for two hours or six hours or 14 hours. it doesn't take courage to stand up to the gun lobby when 90% of
9:45 pm
your constituents want change to happen. it takes courage to look into the eye of a shooter, instead of running, wrapping your arms around a 6-year-old boy and accepting death as a trade for just a tiny little itty piece of increased peace of mind for a little boy under your charge. and so this has been a day of questions. and so i ask you all this question. if ann marie murphy could do that, then ask yourself -- what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never,
9:46 pm
ever happens again? with deep gratitude to all those who have endured this very, very late night, i yield the floor. >> and that was the end of 15 hours on the senate floor last night. that is how he ended it. joining us now for the interview is senator chris murphy of connecticut. senator, thank you for being here. i can't imagine how you're feeling today. >> yeah, i'm tired, but -- i think what we did last night was important and i've been running on adrenaline all day. it's good to be with you. >> did you know you were going to be out there for 15 hours? did you know that it was going to be one of the longest filibusters of all-time? >> i had no idea how long i was going to be out there. i had no idea what my body would endure. all i knew when i got to washington this week was that i had had enough, that i just couldn't stand by and do nothing if this congress was going to go
9:47 pm
on and pretend like orlando hadn't happened. just like they basically pretended like sandy hook didn't happen. and every mass tragedy after that. i got together with a few friends, including senator blumenthal and senator booker, and we decided we were going to take the floor and hold it for as long as we could, as i could, until we at least got an agreement to have up or down votes on measures that would keep people safer. and i'm sort of amazed at how it turned out. that 40 senators, basically organically, came down to the senate at 11:30 at night, we had a dozen senators just sitting, listening to speeches on the floor, and that we got an agreement in the end to vote on at least two measures. background checks and a closing of the terrorist loophole on monday. it was really an amazing thing to be a part of. >> i was going to ask if you were surprised that it worked, if you were surprised that you got what you were asking for.
9:48 pm
i can hear from what you just said that you are surprised to get it, that you found it an amazing result. obviously both those measures, if what's going to be voted on is what we think is going to be voted on, it will probably be measures that have gone up in the senate before and have lost before. do you think votes will shift this time? >> i think that votes will shift. i think in particular on this question of stopping those on the terrorist watch list from getting guns in the wake of orlando, i think there are going to be republican senators who are going to think twice about voting with the nra when 90% of their constituents want them to vote a different way. but we were pleasantly surprised that we got this agreement. i think republicans recognize that this was going to be a really bad week for them if they ignored the carnage that existed in orlando, and frankly exists every day on our streets. but we also didn't go into yesterday afternoon with much of a plan, frankly, rachel.
9:49 pm
we just went down there because we just couldn't sit back and lit business as usual proceed. i can't say we knew exactly what we wanted to get out of it. we made demands and i'm glad that in the end we're going to at least get to see where senators are in the wake of the largest, most tragic mass shooting in this country's history. >> is there negotiation going on, either formally or behind the scenes, to try to get legislation closer to something that might pick up more republican votes? do you feel like the positions are in stone at this point, it's just a matter of kind of pushing somebody to jump from one side to the other? or there is active work going on to come up with something that might be somewhere in the middle or something that might assuage concerns that would keep somebody from voting sgle. >> thank you for asking that question because there is that work happening behind the scenes right now as we speak. we were on the senate floor this afternoon at about 2:00 and there were a multitude of conversations happening between republicans and democrats trying
9:50 pm
to figure out if there's a way to come together to actually pass a measure that would stop people on the terrorist watch list from getting guns. i'm going to be honest, that wouldn't have happened if not for the filibuster. there was going to be an attempt by republicans to just brush this entire shooting under the rug and ignore it knowing that this vote was coming in which the republicans were going to vote with the nra and against the common sense. there's a lot of work happening tonight behind the scenes. >> you have disrupted this trajectory. you have changed what seemed possible and what seemed predictable here. i don't know what's going to happen next. we do know there's going to be a vote because of what you did. congratulations, sir. well done. we'll be right back. ♪
9:51 pm
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sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-ea pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about magi your symptoms proactely with linzess. a couple years ago, scotland took a vote on whether they wanted to become an independent country or whether they wanted to stay in the u.k. britain made a bold decision that scotland should even be allowed to that i can that vote. it would have been a binding vote if scotland said yes. scotland in that referendum, they said no. they decided to stay within the u.k. from the u.k. government's perspective, that was a bold
9:57 pm
decision to let that binding vote happen, right? but for the u.k. and for british prime minister david cameron that bold decision was vindicated by the results of the vote. and not only for that reason, but in part because of it david cameron was reelected thereafter and his conservative party got a majority of the seats in parliament in this next election. this time the british government and the british prime minister have decided to let all of britain vote on whether or not to leave the european union. the vote is week from today. polls show a british public that is evenly divided on the issue. if the u.k. votes to leave to get out of the eu, that will not only rip a cornerstone out of europe. it would also mean that this time next week british prime minister david cameron could be resigning. if that happens, there's a pretty good chance that the man who would replace him as prime minister is this guy, the
9:58 pm
closest thing britain has to a donald trump. the vote is a week from today. the stakes could not be higher for europe, for britain. it's a huge deal this vote one week from today. nobody knows what's going to happen. the suspense is getting more and more dramatic. the stakes are getting higher and higher each day. today both sides of that vote called off their campaign. they both stopped campaigning today because today in a little town in yorkshire the unthinkable happened in british politics. jo cox, she is a member of parliament, a rising star, she was repeatedly shot and stabbed to death on the street in her constituency while she was on her way to hold a meet and greet with her constituents. a local man who attacked her was arrested shortly after the attack. he's been described as a loner with a history of mental health problems. eyewitness reports say he shouted britain first, britain first.
9:59 pm
they are a group that want britain to get out of the eu. she is known for praising the diversity within her community and the contribution of immigrants to the u.k. part of that you can see in this piece of her maiden speech when she first got to parliament. >> our communities have been deeply enhanced by immigration be it irish catholics or muslims or pakistan. while we celebrate our diversity, the thing that surprises me time and time again as i travel around the constituency is we have far more in common than that which divides us. >> today tributes poured in from around the world, including from
10:00 pm
secretary of state john kerry and from hillary clinton and gabby giffords who nearly died herself in an eerily similar event. she was shot by an attacker while she met with her own constituents in arizona. jo cox was only 41 years old. she leaves behind a husband and two kids. that does it for us. now it is time for "the last word." >> it was great to see the leader of that filibuster actually summon the strength to come on television tonight. >> i couldn't believe it. i know. >> how is he still on his feet or even sitting in his chair talking to you. >> he couldn't leave the senate floor and he could not sit down. he did that for 15 straight hours.


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